We offer our customers flexible, tailor-made solutions for services and resources. Our focus is on the customer and the individual needs of each client.We offer full planning, design, tendering, construction and supervision of new buildings. Projects are completed by professional staff experienced in working with major shipbuilders on a wide variety of vessel types.Vessel resales
Due to our focused area of operations and continually growing network in speculative newbuilds, we have a continually changing vessel availability list. Please contact us with your immediate requirements.Compact semi-submersible
The CSS design embodies semi-submersible technology and offers a lower cost-alternative to large accommodation vessels and jack-up barges in support of offshore operations. The objective of the design is to respond to the need for greater flexibility, coupled with the capability to provide cost-effective solutions in the provision of accommodation and offshore support services. The CSS will allow for the provision of multiple services desired by oil and gas operators to improve production and reduce costs, with weather working capabilities that significantly exceed that of units of similar dimensions. Precise and fuel-efficient manoeuvring capabilities are achieved through the highest class dynamic positioning system (DP3), and a diesel electric propulsion system. The CSS vessels can be tailored to any type, but for now we are concentrating in accommodation, maintenance and light well intervention.PSV / MPSV vessels
Apart from our future CSS variants we also focus on PSV/MPSV vessels.
In conjunction with a designer we have helped create extremely capable vessels with competitive tank capacities for an economical price. These vessels are the 60M, 75M and 86M. There is a considerable amount of flexibility in these vessels to be made custom to specific requirements, including below deck pedestal foundations for cranes, forecastle stiffening for Helidecks and flexible accommodation arrangements. All designs meet all the latest regulations.

Fabrication Yard

Our fabrication services include metal fabrication, manufacturing, prefab & construction assemblies. These services we provide improve capital effectiveness.The main activities are:
Prefabrication of process piping spools, air distribution and pneumatic systems,
Prefabrication of steel structures, sheds,
Any other mechanical prefabrication for construction projects such as, but not limited to:• Supports and Brackets
• Skids Assembly
• Modules
• Barges Construction;
• House Boat Assembly
• Porta Cabin Arrangements
• Knockout Vessel for Flare System
• Water, Diesel and Petrol Tanks
• Insulation of Prefabricated parts, including Valve Boxes and ManifoldThe pre-fabrication activities are achieved with the support of Alcon’s Technical Office.
QA/QC Engineer supervises the works under the directives of the QA/QC Manager ensuring that all quality equipments are achieved – NDT test equipments.A. PREFABRICATION WORKSHOPThe prefabrication workshop is currently consisting of an industrial shed with a surface area of about 450m2 and an open staking area of 900m2 for finished products.Available equipments:
• Cranes (60 tons, 45 tons, 2X20 tons)
• 3 tons forklift
• Plasma machine.
• Modern machinery and tools assure safety and reliability, granting also a 30-50 tons production of pipes spools prefabrication and 5-60 tons of structures on monthly basis.B. GRIT BLASTING SHELTERThe blasting shelter is a covered area of 150m2 equipped with movable pots, hoses and nozzles/lance. A manual rotative kiln/burner system is provided to dry sharp sand for daily stock.
We can perform also wet blasting if required.C. PAINTING/COATING SHEDThe painting shed is about 150m2 of covered area, and an open space for finish product is also available.D. JETTY AND RAMP FACILITY1 hr speed boat to Bonny Island; Strategic location to reach swampy area; dredger equipment; Tug boat and barges
Reinforcement preparation and concrete precast.
Civil laboratory included.LIST OF MACHINERY / AREAS IN THE YARD
• Torch Cutting Machine
• 1st Line Piping welding Area
• Cold cutting and Chamfering (Kal Tenbach)
• 2nd Line Piping Welding Area
• Post Weld Heat Treatment Area (PWHT)
• Hydraulic Punching Machine
• Blade Cutting Machine
• Driling Machines
• Grinders
• Hydraulic Cold Cutting Machine for Steel Plates
• Welding Area Structure
• Offices
• Delivery Areas
• Generator Area
• Bridge Crane ( 10 Tons)
• Materials Loading and Unloading


Because of the risks and costs involved in the oil and gas operations, maintaining high stock of equipment and materials has always been evident in the industry. This in turn requires large warehouse space, equipment and people to manage the operations. The role of warehousing has always been to receive, store and dispatch equipment and materials.

Yet, achieving best practices and ensuring the most effective flow of materials, storage and inventory management is challenging. Efficient resource utilization, stock turn rates, error-free picking and space utilization, is where significant opportunities for improvement reside, especially in the oil & gas industry. There are number of methodologies and approaches used in warehousing and inventory management, but the degree of caution shall be exercised – oil & gas industry is not driven by moving high number of SKUs and alike; safety and reliability is the key. Hence, the balance between the traditional stock management and industry specifics is vital, with qualitative analysis of each step involved in warehouse operations. Improving information flow between the supply chain group and operational personnel is one of the key areas of focus that can produce significant benefits.