Instrumentation and Control applications in oil and gas industry is broad and cuts across a variety of functions. The overall aspiration is to develop an advanced within-budget interface and integrated service across fundamental instrumentation fields including pressure, temperature, flow, level and isolation / control systems.

Clients’ need to develop dependable cost-effective systems to accurately monitor, control, measure and regulate whatever can be measured remains the same. As such, BRADE provides a wide range of dedicated Instrumentation & Control Solutions to the oil and gas industry right from idea conception, initial designs, assembly, construction through to installation, testing, commissioning and in-line repair / maintenance. Each of this solution is configured, and matched-to-fit, and better help clients manage and optimize their monitoring and operational worth.

A typical offshore installation will have a great amount of pipeline network and substructures that need monitoring constantly and regularly during different phases of exploration, drilling or production. While it may be possible to man a great number of areas of crucial points, it is simply difficult and not economical to do so. This our in-house instrumentation and control professionals understand – and thus, strive to develop a technology-compelled portfolio of measurement solutions that accurately meet the requirements of almost any process application.