Structural engineering remains an important aspect of our engineering design process as it pertains to construction of offshore substructures. our expertise and experience grown over time, together with leading-edge computer aided and 3D design and construction techniques, enable us to contribute innovative, sustainable and energy-efficient solutions that allows to meet their clients’ financial and performance requirements. Furthermore, our broad-based technical expertise empowers us to help clients deploy safe, cost-effective, high-performance structural systems. No matter the project, we have the able to scale down or up to match the complexity and intricacy of such projects.

BERK has the hands-on experience to provide you with a true unified, consistent and reliable solution. We are acquainted with all applicable regulations and safety standards applicable to the industry, and thus well-placed to deliver projects of highest quality and safety performance faster and more efficiently.

Our services go beyond the convention of providing structural designs, rendering detailed analysis, delivery of granular connections between structural elements, and thorough construction services. We further validate and guarantee that projects are buildable in the most efficient approach achievable.

In addition, our alliances with world leading fully equipped fabrication yards empower us to provide stand-alone services or act as facilitators for the delivery of small, medium or major sized highly engineered modularized structures.