Piping and Pipeline Design, Installation, Inspection and Maintenance require a specialized proficiency and a minimum level of skillset that only a few companies can truly boast of having. The fact that our clients continue to patronize us and recommend our services to others is our proof that we are able to deliver exceptional value and exceed clients’ expectations.

For new installations, we offer clients a comprehensive toolbox which we deploy to carry out in-depth Piping Plan and Elevation Sketches, Flow and Hydraulic analysis, and Pipeline Integrity Studies and Services to define most appropriate route selection & right-of-way/environmental permitting, determine proper pipeline size, pump and compressor size and potential pipeline drip points.

We do understand that clients also need to maintain existing pipelines. Thus, we have established tailored efficient, cost-effective and operations-sensitive in-line pipeline inspection programs, customized to cover steady-state single-phase gas modeling and liquid pipeline systems and multi-phase pipeline systems.

In addition, BRADE provides an end-to-end bundle of non-destructive Pipeline Integrity solutions that includes detection of cracks and corrosion, Metering Calibration and Re-Certification Services and Intelligent Pigging. Furthermore, at the end of production of installed substructure, we also offer removal/ dismantling (services) of pipelines.

Our value proposition to you:
• Consistent and dependable Pipeline integrity analysis
• Provide confidence that applicable regulatory and regulatory governance requests are met;
• Help set up cost-effective and SMART maintenance programs;
• GIS Data Reconciliation and/or Migration
• Increase safety and reliability of pipeline networks;
• Actively seek opportunities to reduce cost on behalf of our clients;